Twins getting worse…is it possible?

Great catch robs Thome of HRThey are astonishingly bad. After sitting through another mangled effort by the Twins, I am now convinced that we are watching one of the greatest year to year collapses in MLB history.

Friday night at Target Field was a microcosm of 2011. Inexcusably poor baserunning (two outs on the bases that cost them at least two runs); sloppy fielding (errors by Cuddyer and Morneau that led to the Angels 5-run 8th and a missed cutoff man by Delmon Young that put another runner in scoring position); a horrendously bad bullpen that is loaded with minor league talent; a series of bad at-bats including a horrible “throw the towel in” type effort by Morneau in the 9th inning when he went to the plate, and swung and missed at the first three pitches, all completely out of the strike zone;¬† and maybe the worst offense of all, a series of bad decisions by Ron Gardenhire managing the game (letting Drew Butera hit away in the 5th inning with no outs and a runner on first…the guy is hitting .120…should be bunting at every opportunity. If he’s waiting for him to “get hot”, it’s not going to happen.)

I actually paid good money to see this latest debacle. Sat with my son in the stands and listened to Twins fans moan and groan, and rightly so. In the 3rd inning we found a spot under some cover behind home plate where there were three or four almost completely empty rows of seats, something that will become common place as this miserable season continues. In the 8th inning, when former Twin Torii Hunter ripped a double off the wall we politely stood up and applauded him. Not more than two minutes later we were asked by an usher to leave those seats because we were cheering¬† for the other team and those weren’t our proper seats.

I don’t need to rattle on about how much Hunter meant to this franchise and how they screwed up royally by not signing him to a long-term deal 4 years ago. Hunter and his clubhouse presence, golden glove in the outfield, big bat at the plate and huge heart in the community was a committed, career Twin. The money they have thrown at Mauer that apparently is going to waste, would’ve been much better spent keeping somebody who actually would be in the lineup every day.

If the Twins continue to play like this and their staff continues to treat fans like we were treated Friday night, there will be more than just a couple people in the stands cheering for the other team.

Photo by Marilyn Indahl

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