Q&A with Lynx Guard Monica Wright

In case you weren’t aware of how deep and talented the Minnesota Lynx are, maybe the case of Monica Wright will help you understand. Wright, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 draft, averaged 11.1 points in 25.5 minutes per game last season as was named to the WNBA All Rookie Team. This year, she’s practically buried on the bench.

Through 15 games, the former Virginia star is scoring 4.1 points in 10.9 minutes per contest. In 6 games in July, Wright has played more than 9 minutes just once. This isn’t because she can’t play, it’s because the team she plays on is so good.

Last year at this time Maya Moore was still enrolled at the University of Connecticut, Candice Wiggins was recuperating from an Achilles injury and Seimone Augustus was still finding her game after knee and abdominal surgeries. Wright meanwhile, was thrust into a key role and performed admirably.

I caught up with the 23-year-old guard earlier this week following practice at Target Center.

DZ: You guys (recently) had your All Star break, did you get a chance to do anything, go anywhere?

WRIGHT: Yeah, I actually got a chance to go home to Northern Virginia to spent time with family and friends…You still have to work out a little bit, but most of the time you want to take your mind off of basketball - it’s a long season - you want to take advantage of every chance you get to go home.

DZ: This is a really deep team, how intense do these practices get?

WRIGHT: They get really intense. It’s black team and white team - black team are the starters and the white team, we come off of the bench. We love to compete, we love to get better. We can just tell that we make each other better everyday by working hard, going hard against each other and holding each other accountable.

DZ: How much easier was it - this being your second year - coming in and just knowing how things worked around here?

WRIGHT: I definitely knew what to expect. I kind of knew the players I was going to be playing against - knew how to guard them - this year as opposed to last year when I didn’t really know what to expect. This year is a lot easier, I know the coach’s system, I know what she wants from us. It made things a lot easier having that experience.

DZ: Obviously the team is doing really well - you guys have been playing great - how would you assess your season individually?

WRIGHT: It’s already been a long season and I just feel like I’ve been working hard and I don’t know - I usually just look at the team (perspective), not the individual. As far as going into games, whenever I do go in, I try to make sure I bring the intensity level up. I don’t try to come in held back or conservative. I try to immediately bring energy, immediately bring something good to the floor so the intensity level from our team doesn’t go down.

DZ: During your rookie year, with the injuries (on the team) you got a lot more minutes and this year it’s been a little different. How have you adjusted to that?

WRIGHT: It has been hard to just not be able to play a lot, but I take it as an opportunity to get better in practice, an opportunity to learn more from the sidelines. There is something positive about every situation and I am glad I had that experience last year, because that experience is helping me deal with this year in knowing what to do in game situations. It definitely different, but at the same time, I try to be positive and take whatever I can out of it to help me just become better.

DZ: During the All Star Game, it was mentioned that (the Lynx) basically have five players (on the bench) that would start for a lot of teams. Do you guys on the bench take a lot of pride in that?

WRIGHT: Definitely. We would love to be the number one bench in the country. There are some things that are in the way of that. That’s our goal as a bench, to come in everyday and make these starters better. To make sure that they are in tip-top condition.

DZ: Are the roles on the bench still pretty fluid, are you guys still feeling your way around?

WRIGHT: They are pretty fluid. We know what we are supposed to do, we know what we are not supposed to do. We know what the team needs from us, what the coach wants from us. It’s basically up to us to do it when we get the chance to.

DZ: Is it hard sometimes to try not to do to much because you know you may not have a lot of minutes to do it in?

WRIGHT: Yeah, sometimes we go in and it’s one minute, two minutes, sometimes three or four. Whenever we do get in we have to be focused and know what’s been going on in the game before we got in there. Because if we don’t, it’s going to be obvious.

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