Vikings QB Joe Webb Unfiltered

On a roster with precious few offensive playmakers, Joe Webb ranks as one of the most intriguing Vikings. The only player on the team with two helmets in his locker - one equipped with a quarterback’s headset and the other for when he lines up at wide receiver - the 2nd year quarterback’s athleticism gives the Vikings plenty of options.

It remains to be seen who - Webb or Donovan McNabb - will enter the game if starter Christian Ponder is injured, but judging by the team’s place in the standings and Leslie Frazier’s affinity for Webb - the man who engineered an unlikely win at Philadelphia late last season that removed the “interim” from the head coach’s title - you have to think the 24-year-old Alabama native would get the nod.

Webb and I hooked up for a quick chat before practice at Winter Park last week.

DZ: You guys are coming off a bye week, what did you do to keep yourself busy?

WEBB: I went down to Birmingham to see some friends and family. I stayed down there for the week, worked out and just stayed in shape.

DZ: How much different is it being in your second year versus your rookie year?

WEBB: It’s a lot different. You look at the game a lot differently from your rookie year. Your rookie year, you are just learning and my second year, I am still learning also, but you are not as newly minded as you are your rookie year.

DZ: Getting those starts last year, how much more confidence did you have coming into this year?

WEBB: I had a lot of confidence. I always have confidence because that’s part of my game. It was great experience, great for me to get out there and get a piece of the action. Hopefully, I can get out there and get more action.

DZ: We’ve seen a little bit of you in the Wildcat package this year, is that something that we are going to see more of?

WEBB: We continue to work on it each week and, based on what the coaches do - they make the game plan - so I am just ready every week.

DZ: Last year you said that Tarvaris Jackson had been a mentor for you. Have you talked to him at all this year?

WEBB: Yeah, I talk to him. We text now, but we are both so busy. We are still close friends and we still root for one another…I knew Tarvaris Jackson before I got here to Minnesota. When I came in as a freshman to Alabama St. - I was recruited (by them) - I met him there at Alabama St. We’ve been knowing each other for quite a while.

DZ: Brett Favre was here last year and this year you have Donovan McNabb (around). What’s similar and what’s different about those two guys?

WEBB: They both have great personalities. They laugh and joke about a lot of things. They both have great work ethics. I can’t say too much (is) different - they both have different playing styles of course, but they are both good people and they are fun to be around.

DZ: Obviously, it’s Packer week right now and you got a little taste of the rivalry last year, what’s your sense of it…being relatively new?

WEBB: It’s a great rivalry. Both teams have great fan support and both teams are out there playing very physical. It’s going to a very physical football game.

DZ: One last thing, are you the No. 2 or No. 3 quarterback right now?

WEBB: I am not sure. Ask Coach Frazier about that, I can’t say. I just play my role.

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