Q&A with Vikings WR Devin Aromashodu

Although Vikings wide receiver Devin Aromashodu has just 8 receptions so far this season, he has made most of them count. With catches of 34, 60 and 42 yards, Aromashodu is responsible for the majority of the team’s big plays in the passing game.

The 27-year-old wide receiver has played for 3 three teams since leaving Auburn in 2006, but is most remembered by local fans for the 39-yard TD he caught in overtime to defeat the Vikings as a member of the Chicago Bears late in the 2009 season. I caught up with Aromashodu two weeks ago as he prepared for practice at Winter Park.

DZ: You guys are coming off a bye week, what did you do during your time off?

AROMASHODU: I just took a break, what back home to Miami, worked out a little bit.

DZ: Does it feel even colder coming back here from there?

AROMASHODU: Yeah, it definitely does.

DZ: You’re a guy who’s been on a few teams - on practice squads and rosters - this year you’ve been able to play a bigger role for the Vikings, have you found a home here?

AROMASHODU: I hope so. We’ll see what happens, I just want to continue to excel and be consistent. I am just focusing on that right now.

DZ: You were a free agent last offseason and this was a team that had some openings at wide receiver, was that what attracted you to them?

AROMASHODU: Yeah, that’s definitely what attracted me here - getting an opportunity to play and the coaching staff. It was good fit and it’s working out.

DZ: Going into training camp there was a competition (at wide receiver), what was your mindset going into that?

AROMASHODU: Just going in and knowing what I can do, going out there and executing. I think that’s why I am here because I had a good training camp on special teams as well as receiving. Just going in and believing in my ability.

DZ: You guys have had a quarterback change with Donovan to Christian Ponder, how difficult is that for the receivers, adjusting to a new quarterback?

AROMASHODU: The timing is a little different. Once you get used to everything, you are fine. We worked with him (Ponder) in training camp, so that helped as well. I think we are fine now.

DZ: A lot of Vikings fans knew you from the (game winning) touchdown you caught in overtime in ‘09 with the Bears, is that something you’ve talked about with these guys at all?

AROMASHODU: No, I didn’t talk about it - maybe a little bit when I got here with a couple of guys. It’s kind old now, it’s in the past.

DZ: It’s Packer week and you’ve played with the Bears and now the Vikings, experienced it from both sides - is there any difference in the rivalry?

AROMASHODU: No, I wouldn’t say. It’s a big rivalry when I was in Chicago and it’s a big rivalry here. It’s also a divisional opponent, so that makes it even bigger.

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