Q&A with Lynx Rookie Forward Devereaux Peters

If it aint broke, don’t fix it; that was the Minnesota Lynx philosophy this past offseason. When you go 34-8 and win a championship, it’s only logical. The team dealt Charde Houston and Alexis Hornbuckle to Phoenix – both played sparingly in 2011 – to open up two roster spots. One went to veteran guard Erin Thorn and the other was reserved for the No. 3 overall selection in April’s draft, acquired in a trade with Washington last year.

The Lynx chose Notre Dame forward Devereaux Peters with the pick. The 6-2 Peters averaged 10.3 points and 7.2 rebounds per game during her collegiate career, helping the Fighting Irish reach two consecutive national championship games. She was known for her defense and making the hustle plays. On a Lynx team loaded with stars, that made her a perfect fit.

While Peters isn’t seeing big minutes with the Lynx – she is currently averaging under 12 per contest – she has scored in double figures twice and is shooting .611 from the field. Peters and I chatted after practice on Wednesday about her rookie season.

DZ: You’re about a third into your first (WNBA) season, how’s it going for you so far?

PETERS: It’s good, I am enjoying it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do my whole life, it’s nice to finally get to this point.

DZ: A lot times players who come from great college programs like you do, when they get to the pros they are maybe going to start having to get used to losing a little bit more, then you come to this team and they start 10-0. We’re you surprised by that?

PETERS: Not really. They were a great team who had everybody coming back from last year, so it wasn’t to shocking to have the success we’ve had so far.

DZ: Is it intimidating at all coming into a team that won a championship last year and has so many star players?

PETERS: It was at first, but the ladies on this team are so humble and down-to-earth, you lose that really quickly after being around them for awhile.

DZ: Is there anyone in particular who reached out to you?

PETERS: Yeah, everybody – at whatever point they came into training camp, (they came) in with open arms, introduced themselves and talked to me and showed me the ropes a little bit. There really wasn’t anybody in particular; everybody played their part I think.

DZ: You lost the national championship game, which obviously is disappointing, did it help at all to have that quick turnaround with the draft; have all of that excitement?

PETERS: Yeah it did because I didn’t have time to dwell on it; you have to move onto the next step. It was nice to have that quick turnaround and come in here and focus on this season instead of what I had just lost.

DZ: It’s only been a couple of months, but does that seem like a long time ago after all of this?

PETERS: Yeah, you play a lot of games in a short period of time so it does seem like a long time ago.

DZ: You have the Olympic break coming up, do have anything planned?

PETERS: We get a small, little break where we can go home, so I am going to go home, go back to school for a little bit, work out there and see some family.

DZ: One last thing, I noticed during the game that the PA announcer has an exciting way of saying your name (D-D-D-Devereaux Peters!!!), did you have any idea he was going to do that?

PETERS: Nah, I didn’t even notice it actually. I was just out there playing; I didn’t even hear it (laughs).

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