Interview: Up Close with Vikings receiver Jarius Wright

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Jarius WrightWith the injury to Percy Harvin, rookie Jarius Wright has been thrust into the spotlight as the Vikings’ continue to search for receivers who can stretch the opposition’s defense. That spotlight got a little bit brighter this past week as it was announced that Harvin’s injury would keep him out of action for the rest of the season.

Minnesota Score caught up with Wright this week in the Vikings lockerroom:

MS: Each week is critical in this league but I think you guys are to the point where you’ve got to get them all don’t you?

JW: I think we’re at that point but I think we’re definitely capable of getting that done though.

MS: What did you see out of the bears last time that you know, we have to do this better this time?

JW: Turnovers. We just got to take care of the ball early in the game, and we just got to take better care of the ball.

MS: Boy, that’s the story of the NFL isn’t it,  you guys saw that last Sunday, too?

JW: Oh yeah, turnovers will kill you in the NFL, especially teams that take advantage of turnovers.

MS: Is it fair to blame Christian Ponder because right now he’s a lightning rod, everybody’s  banging on him, is that fair?

JW: It’s not fair at all to blame Christian Ponder, you know he’s the quarterback so that’s where everybody thinks that’s whose fault it is but you can’t blame Christian Ponder it’s more to it than just him that people don’t really see. We know our problems and that’s why we go out to practice every day, to fix them.

MS: How good is that Bears defense?

JW: They’re a great defense, they play hard, they have a lot of veteran guys, they know how to play the game well and they’re aggressive and a physical defense so we know what they have to bring.

MS: That Charles Tillman,  he’s a thief isn’t he, he’s everywhere, he’s aggressive, he’ll strip the ball, he’ll intercept it. He gets it done doesn’t he?

JW: He does. He’s a great corner who’s played in the league for a while. He’s a great veteran. He does a lot of things like you said, he strips the ball, he does it like nobody else. 

MS: Back to Ponder, do you feel like there’s things you can do better or the receiving core can do better as a group to help him?

JW: Definitely, there’s always more we can do to help Christian Ponder like run our routes not faster but get to our destination faster and get back down to the ball faster, and catch it when he throws it to us, so there is definitely more things we can do.

MS: The critics say that this core of receivers doesn’t get separation. Is that fair to say, is that what you guys need to work on?

JW: I dont’ think that’s fair to say, watching film we get some separation, not every time, they are in the NFL too not too blame it on anybody but sometimes we get separation and we might not have time or sometime we might not get separation and we have time but then we don’t have separation so that’s the thing where you can’t always blame Christian Ponder because it’s not his fault, there’s more that plays into it than just the quarterback.

Photo by Marilyn Indahl

Interview compiled by Bobby Strickland

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