Catching Up with Former Twins Infielder Brendan Harris

For even the most hard core baseball fans, Brendan Harris had fallen off the radar. Prior to this month, he was last seen with the Twins in Philadelphia on June 19, 2010 when he struck out in his only plate appearance, lowing his average to .157. He was optioned to Rochester four days later and finished the season there.

That December, Harris was shipped to Baltimore with J.J. Hardy. He spent the entire 2011 campaign in Triple A Norfolk and struggled, hitting .225/.282/.331. His future in professional baseball was in jeopardy. The veteran infielder remained determined however, caught on with the Rockies organization and hit .317/.407/.507 at Colorado Springs in 2012.

Harris raised his stock enough that a talented Anaheim squad invited him to spring training and gave him a serious look. The 32-year-old took seized the opportunity and made the Angel’s opening roster. I caught up with Harris Monday as he made his unlikely return to Target Field.

DZ: Congrats on making it back, I just wanted to talk to you about what you’ve been up to the past couple of years.

HARRIS: Still playing, just working hard and trying to get back to the big leagues and I got a good opportunity here so it was a good spring. So far so good.

DZ: You came to the Angels as a free agent, what attracted you to this team?

HARRIS: Just the opportunity….they had lost (Maicer) Izturis and (they) told me there may be an opportunity and I got a good shot. It worked out.

DZ: When did you find out you had made the team.

HARRIS: The last day or two before we broke (spring training).

DZ: You are back here (Target Field), it’s been almost three years. What are your thoughts coming back to this place?

HARRIS: I guess it would be different if it were a year or two after, but being so long I have kind of turned the page. There aren’t too many guys that - I’ve seen Guerrier, Cuddyer, Nathan, Slowey and a lot of guys…obviously Mauer and Morneau are still there and that’s the biggest core, but a lot of other guys - there’s been a lot of turnover. A lot of time has gone by and I am with a different team. I turned the page a while ago.

DZ: You are with the Angels now; this is a veteran team, a lot of star players, big expectations; what is the vibe around this team?

HARRIS: We are like everybody, we are here to win. We come to play everyday and I think if we do the little things and everybody does their part, I think there’s a real good chance we can win the division and go to the playoffs and we’ll see from there. It’s a real low maintenance, humble team considering the marquee signings that you mentioned. It’s pretty business-like and everybody is focused on one, common goal.

DZ: Over the last couple of years in the minors, did you every doubt that you would make it back here?

HARRIS: No, I just needed the right opportunity. It was tough and it was frustrating, but you lean on your family and your faith. Both of those two things helped the most and I’ve gotten back to here.

DZ: What would you say the lowest moment was during that time?

HARRIS: Just getting sent out from here (Minnesota) - when I first got sent out. I didn’t really feel sorry for myself, I just tried to keep moving forward.

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