Q&A with Twins Reliever Josh Roenicke

Josh Roenicke never expected to be in Minnesota this season. In 2012 with Colorado, the reliever posted a 3.25 ERA in 63 appearances (88 2/3 innings). For a team that lost 98 games, he was a rare bright spot. Yet, last November, Roenicke was out of a job when the Rockies unexpectedly released him.

The Twins however, known for piecing together solid bullpens with spare parts, quickly snapped up the 30-year-old. So far, Roenicke has been solid, allowing 15 earned runs in 36 2/3 innings (3.68 ERA). The journeyman righthander and I hooked up for a quick chat during the last homestand.

DZ: We are close to the halfway point of the season, it’s your first year here, how’s it going for you?

ROENICKE: It’s going all right. The division is pretty tight right now, so we are playing for something which is always fun. I think last year at this time with Colorado, we were kind of out of it. Each and every game has been more competitive and meaningful.

DZ: How many of the players, if any, did you know before you got here?

ROENICKE: I played with (Jared) Burton in Cincinnati. When I got picked up, he texted and told me good things about the organization and the people and the front office. That made me look forward to it a little more. Mastro (Darin Mastioannni) and I played with in Toronto at Triple A, so I knew a couple of guys. That always makes it easier.

DZ: I looked at your numbers, you had a pretty good year with Colorado last year, were you surprised they let you go?

ROENICKE: Yeah, I was definitely surprised. I remember the season was over, my first start to finish in the big leagues; I was always confident if I started and played a full season in the big leagues, I would have decent numbers and be successful. That year was over with and I felt that I was getting comfortable (and) had that full year under my belt. Then, sure enough, a couple of months later, my agent told me they put me on waivers and I was pretty shocked. I got picked up quick which always helps. I guess it was a business decision for them, but I didn’t understand it.

DZ: Where were you when you found out the Twins picked you up?

ROENICKE: I was at home in Sarasota, FL.

DZ: So you just had one day (without a job). What is that day like? Do you just try not to think about it?

ROENICKE: It happened before when I was with Toronto. I’ve always heard good reports on me, so I was confident I would get picked up, but you never know what will happen. It’s definitely not a good feeling to be jobless for those 24 hours. It’s nice to get picked up early.

DZ: Everyone knows you are from a big baseball family – brother (current minor leaguer, Jason), father (Gary, a former big league outfielder), uncle (Brewers manager, Ron) – when you guys get together, do you talk about anything other than baseball?

ROENICKE: Yeah, it’s usually sports though, golf or baseball, but any sport will do. Our family gatherings are usually at holidays so there is usually some debate about sports. It’s usually the main topic.

DZ: So do the women in the family just leave you guys alone.

ROENICKE: Yeah, I don’t know what they talk about. They’ll listen sometimes, but hopefully they go over and have their own conversations.

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