Q&A with Renee Montgomery

With all the Brett Favre speculation and Twins trade rumors, you may not have noticed the Lynx have had a pretty nice season so far.  At 10-7, the team currently sits 3rd in the Western Conference standings, just one game behind second place Seattle.

When the team tips off the second half tomorrow night at Target Center against Candace Parker’s Los Angeles Sparks, rookie point guard Renee Montgomery will be announced as a starter in front of the home crowd for the first time.  The 4th overall pick in April’s draft and I had chatted following Monday’s practice.

DZ: You are halfway through your rookie season, what are your impressions so far?

MONTGOMERY: I’ve learned a lot. Not just as a basketball player, but how to play in the league. It’s all about mismatches now, in college it’s mismatches also, but you are just running your offense and trying to score and now in the league, you have to pick out where to execute - it’s just different.

DZ: Are the players bigger, strong, faster?

MONTGOMERY: I don’t know. They are definitely taller - bigger (laughs). As far as (speed), they have fast players in college.

DZ: It seems like you are progressing pretty well, you are getting more minutes and started the last two games of the road trip. What did it mean to you to get into the starting line-up?

MONTGOMERY: It  meant a lot. It’s something that every player wants, being the starting point guard if that’s your position. It shows that they trust in me now.

DZ: When was the last time you came off the bench - freshman year in college?

MONTGOMERY: Actually, I started all of my college seasons, it would have to be (pauses) mini ball (laughs).

DZ: Are you getting pretty comfortable running this offense?

MONTGOMERY: I am getting more of a feel of the two-for-one situations, the shot clock, thing like that. Yeah, I am getting more comfortable.

DZ: The Washington game on July 7 - was that a turning point for you? You really took over in the 4th quarter. In Minnesota, we really hadn’t seen that yet.

MONTGOMERY: Yeah, the Washington game was a really big game, not necessarily just for me, but also for our coaching staff. I think it let them know I can do it as this level and for them to trust me. Everything is about getting respect, once you get your teammate’s respect - that the ultimate goal.

DZ: Lindsey Harding was here last year, she gets traded to Washington, you come in to replace her - she had a really good game as well (on July 7). Was there any competition, did you think about that at all?

MONTGOMERY: I didn’t think about that at all. There’s always friendly competition when you are going against a good point guard, but for me that’s every night now in the WNBA - there’s going to be a pretty good point guard on almost every team. It’s good, it keeps you on your toes.

DZ: What did you do over the (All Star) weekend?

MONTGOMERY: I had a camp, a basketball camp in West Virginia…I went home, it was nice.

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