5 Questions with Jon Rauch

At 6-11 Jon Rauch seems larger-than-life. When you notice his body is covered in tattoos, including a large, circular one on the right side of his neck, you can’t help but stare. I caught up with new Twins reliever earlier in the week hoping he was as interesting to talk to as he is to look at.

DZ: You’ve been up in Minnesota for a few days now, what’s the adjustment been like?

RAUCH: It’s easy - a great group of guys. Obviously playing with some of them beforehand helped me get more acclimated. It’s been a good time.

DZ: You got a win on Sunday; that probably helped you ease into things.

RAUCH: I just try to go out there and do my job regardless of what it is, when it is, how it works out. I just try to get guys out.

DZ: I know you’ve probably answered a lot of questions like this, but you are new to Minnesota and everyone (here) hasn’t heard them. Obviously, you are the tallest player ever and you hit a homerun off Roger Clemens (in 2004). What was that like? Hitting a homerun as a pitcher doesn’t happen often…

RAUCH: No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t really have any bearing on my career now so I don’t really think about it much.

DZ: Maybe not so much in the major leagues, but how about in the minor leagues with the hotel beds, buses, smaller clubhouses…

RAUCH: I grew up my whole life being tall, you get used to it.

DZ: You were with Expos at the end of their run in ’04. What was that like?

RAUCH: It was disappointing the way we got treated at the end of the year when the fans booed us because we were leaving, but when we were there, there was really no support. It was a welcome change getting out of there – at bad situation, a bad place to play (but) a great city.

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