Only Minnesota Makes Sense for Mauer


As opening day looms and Joe Mauer’s contract situation remains unresolved, many fans find themselves on the verge of panic. While much of the discussion revolves around why the Twins should or should not sign the reigning AL MVP, one point is often overlooked: it makes no sense for Joe Mauer to leave Minnesota.

Here are is why…

1. The Money Difference is Negligible
Sure Mauer would make more money on the open market than he could here. That means he’d play in either New York, Boston or Los Angeles. With Jorge Posada turning 39 in August and the most aggressive front office in baseball, you just know he’d end up pin stripes.

Whether he makes $20 million or $25 million a year, Mauer will get by. Everyone knows that your dollar goes further in the Twin Cities than it does on Manhattan. And if you’ve ever been to the Big Apple, you know there’s more excitement there, but it’s much easier on your sanity to live here. Which leads me to my second point….

2. The Amount of Pressure Is Not
Despite his unbelievable 2009 season, Mauer’s run with the Twins has had its potholes. He’s missed significant time with knee and back injuries and has hit just 72 homeruns in 2,994 plate appearances. And yet everyone is begging the small market Twins to pay him $20 million annually for the next 5-10 years. This place is unapologetically provincial.

If Mauer can’t stay healthy in New York, he’ll be crucified be the press. He only needs to walk across the clubhouse and ask Carl Pavano about that. Mauer has been treated with kid gloves by the Minnesota press. He’s always friendly, personable and respectful, but seldom says anything interesting or insightful. In New York, that won’t do. The coverage with increase tenfold and he’ll be badgered to say something.

In Minnesota both the fans and the media have respected Mauer’s privacy. He’s the most eligible bachelor in the state’s history and yet his dating life never seeps in the tabloids. That’s because we don’t have tabloid’s here.

3. Money Can’t Buy Love
Watching Justin Morneau and Mauer blossom into MVPs and leaders has been a beautiful process. They genuinely seem to be decent people and best friends. Both are simple guys who don’t appear to need the excesses of fame and wealth to be happy. Mauer would assuredly regret leaving his friend behind.

Many players go to All Star games, a few are MVPs and even fewer reach the Hall of Fame, but almost nobody gets the opportunity Mauer has been given by playing for the Twins: doing it all in his hometown. If Mauer stays healthy, tacks on a few more batting titles, wins another MVP or two, avoids major controversy and helps his team win a World Series, he will reach a level of reverence reserved for only a handful of athletes in the history of sports.

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