Lynx Reintroduce Lindsay Whalen to Minnesota


Lindsay Whalen officially arrived back in the Twin Cites today as the Lynx reintroduced their star point guard to the media. Here are some highlights of the press conference:

On her long awaited return home:
“I think I always kind of had it in the back of my mind that I’d hope to maybe come back and play here one day. Of course you never know anything until it happens. Like I said, this year it worked out with the draft picks and the players involved so it worked out this year and I am just happy that it did.”

“I know that things happen for a reason and things work out at the time they are supposed to. At this point in my career, I am just excited to be here and I’m excited to play with the talented players, Coach Reeve and the entire organization. I think the timing was great. I think it worked out pretty well.”

On the excitement:
“It is always nice. I guess it is just cool to see that people are excited and they care and everything. It is just great to be back. As far as surprised, I don’t know, it is hard to say. I guess I am just glad to be here and I am ready to get things going.”

On her talented teammates:
“Very excited. As excited as I am to come home, this is a basketball-first move and that is what I am most excited about. Just playing with Seimone and Candice… and I’ve played with Charde the last three months over in Prague so getting to know her was a lot of fun. She is a great player and a great person so I’m just thrilled to be playing with everyone. I played with Seimone on the USA Under-21 basketball team and she was the MVP of our team. She has a gold medal. She is just a phenomenal player and a great person. You can go down the line through the whole team and you can’t say enough about how great everyone is and what a great person everyone is. I am just happy to be here and contribute.”

“There have been some talented teams, but this team ranks right up there with those I think. Like you said, with the All-Star selections and Seimone with a Gold Medal… I think when you look at the team, Rebekkah Brunson, it is just a lot of talented and versatile players who can do a lot of things. It should be exciting, it should be fun. I am just excited to get practice going and to get to know players and how they play on the court and get to know everybody. I think that is what we will work on the next couple of weeks. But as far as talent, I think it’s up there with some of the better teams on paper that I have seen or played against.”

On the high expectations:
“Well I think our expectations are to compete in the Western Conference and go far in the playoffs and just go from there. You don’t want to put too high of expectations on yourself, but you play better when there are expectations. We all expect a lot and as far as a Championship or things like that, I think that is in everyone’s minds, but we have to go out there and earn it and prove it. It is a long road and a long journey. You have to enjoy it and just enjoy the season and we will see what happens when it comes time for the playoffs and everything.”

“I think as far as pressure, expectations - like I said you want that. It means people care and that they want you to do well. I think we all have those high expectations or that pressure and you want to succeed and be successful. Obviously I have great memories of that year with the crowds and just the support that the fans in Minnesota gave us. It was just a great year and a ton of fun. We are definitely looking to get that excitement going and just keep the excitement up and have a great year.”

On her college days:
“From my freshman year to senior year… it is hard to put it into words. From the Pavilion to Williams Arena, to the Final Four and everything, it was a great run we had, great teams and great people. When you play on those teams and you build those relationships and those bonds forever…. It is just fun to sit back and think what everyone was able to do and how much fun it was. Especially my senior year, the year we went to the Final Four, we just had great team chemistry and everyone held each other accountable. It was just a great year and a lot of fun.”

(Photo courtesy of the Lynx via Getty Images)

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