Q&A with Lynx Head Coach Cheryl Reeve


When the Lynx introduced Cheryl Reeve in December, she became the franchise’s 7th head coach in 12 seasons and 5th since 2006. Reeve’s WNBA journey began with Charlotte in 2001; she spent two seasons with the Sting, had a pit stop in Cleveland in 2003 and returned to Charlotte for two more years in 2004.

Reeve however, is most known for her time in Detroit where she helped Bill Laimbeer’s squad reach three consecutive WNBA Finals and win two titles. The Lynx hope Reeve can bring her championship pedigree to the Twin Cities and lead the team to its first postseason birth since 2004. I caught up with the rookie head coach after Friday’s practice and discussed her team, experience and more.

DZ: You’ve been here through the off season, training camp has pretty much wrapped up; what are your impressions so far of the area and the team?

REEVE: The biggest impression is that we have a team full of players that are eager to win and eager to do the right things, so that’s been fun to work with. We are getting ready to start our first game and I don’t expect us to play our best basketball right now. We’ve got some time to come together, but overall their eagerness and willingness to do what we need to do has been impressive.

DZ: You’ve been around the league for awhile, but this is your first head coaching job, how is it different heading into the season?

REEVE: You know, it doesn’t feel different and obviously it is different because everything is my call. I was in a situation in Detroit with Bill (Laimbeer) where he gave us such free reign to be ourselves - I have a strong personality, Rich (Mahorn) has a strong personality, Bill has a strong personality - we all were able to take a part in this thing so it doesn’t really feel that different.

DZ: No extra nerves or anything like that?

REEVE: More excitement. Now it starts - just like the players - even (with) a 6-year veteran like Lindsay (Whalen), there’s anticipation for this thing, to get the season started. Not so much nervous, but excited and ready to get things rolling.

DZ: With Seimone (Augustus) and Candice (Wiggins) being out, do you look at it as a situation where maybe they’ll be some pain short term, but you’ll be a deeper, better team in the long run?

REEVE: No question. Anytime you get opportunities for other people that they maybe would not have had if Seimone and Candice had been in there, they are better for it, our team is better for it.

DZ: Is there any player besides the big names that has impressed you during training camp?

REEVE: We are pretty deep, we’ve got a lot of good players….probably the player who has been here from the start of training camp and who has been the most consistent performer over the long haul has been Rashanda McCants. She has had a great training camp, I am really happy with where she is. Obviously Nikki (Anosike) and Charde (Houston) - all those guys - have played well, Rashanda has just been here since day one and participated in all 21 days of training camp so I have been impressed with her progress.

DZ: This team has gone through a lot of coaches in the past few years, how do you come in and sell your program? What are the challenges to that?

REEVE: I don’t look at those types of things. What happened in the past really doesn’t matter to me. In terms of what our players think - hey, I’ve been in the league - gosh what is this, my 10th season - I’ve been in seven playoffs, four WNBA Finals and I have two championship rings, so I think what I am selling they are interested in buying.

DZ: One last thing, I have to ask you about the Detroit situation. They didn’t have to fold, but they had to move; that had to be sad for you to see them leave.

REEVE: Really hard. That was a group that was extremely close knit, we all cared about each other. Much the same way when Houston folded or Sacramento folded. We won championships together, it was a close knit group - the love runs deep. Now we are in new places and we are trying to establish new things.

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