Q&A with Twins Rookie Outfielder Ben Revere


It’s really not fair to make these types of comparisons, but when you watch Ben Revere you just can’t help but be reminded of a young Kirby Puckett. Although he bats lefthanded, the rookie outfielder is generously listed at 5-9, has an infectious smile and speaks with a fast enthusiasm that channels the spirit of Puckett.

Like Kirby, Revere can also play. A 1st round pick in 2008, Revere hit .305 with a .371 on-base-percentage and stole 36 bases at Double A New Britain this season despite missing significant time after being hit in the face with a pitch on August 4. While many wrote the Revere off for the season, 22-year-old healed quickly and returned in time to receive a surprise September call-up by the Twins.

Revere made his major league debut late in last Tuesday’s 10-3 rout of the Royals and sat down to talk with me about that experience and more the following day.

DZ: Last night (September 7) was a night I’m sure you’ll never forget – you made your major league debut – could you talk a little about that?

REVERE: It was really fun. I was kind of ready for it because some of the guys were saying “You better get into the game because it’s getting a little out of hand.” So we kept scoring more runs and the next thing you know Gardy came up to me and said “Hey, you’re batting for Span”. I went up there and tried to put the bat on the ball – I didn’t quite do it, but it was a good experience and I had one ball come to me in the outfield, so it was fun.

DZ: Next time you get out there, will some of the nerves be gone?

REVERE: To tell you the truth, I wasn’t that nervous. I was more nervous in big league camp with these guys in spring training, but last night I wasn’t that nervous – I was really excited to be out there with those guys. Next time I get a chance I will be even more relaxed. We’ll see what happens.

DZ: Where were you when you found out were called up?

REVERE: I was in Double A, New Britain, Connecticut. I was in the starting line-up the Saturday I got called up and I was getting my glove about to go on the field for the 1st inning and my coach grabbed me and said “Come into my office.” I said “What’s up?” and he said “You’re going to the big leagues tomorrow.” I am like “What?!” It was a relief, I told my parents and they basically told everybody. It was really fun.

DZ: Did you expect it at all?

REVERE: Not really. All the injuries I had a New Britian – I had at least five good injuries and I missed quite a few games – never thought I’d be up here. I thought I go into the offseason, get ready to go back home to get ready for the fall league and come back for spring training. I am glad Gardenhire begged for me to be up here – it’s pretty nice that he wanted me.

DZ: You mentioned injuries, the one most people here heard about was when you got hit with the ball in the face. For the average fan, they probably can’t imagine something like that happening and stepping back in the box – what’s that process like?

REVERE: I hate injuries – I hate them with a passion – I don’t like sitting out too much, but that’s part of the game. I thought my season was over, when that first happened, but my mom always tells me I am a fast healer, for some reason. My face was swelled up…I was real ugly, let’s just say that (laughs). But I iced it four times a day and in a week or two my swelling went down – completely gone – so they let me start doing stuff on the field. Next thing you know, they made me a helmet, I stepped into the box and faced a lefty my first game (back) – I didn’t get a hit that day, but the second day I went 4-5 so that was pretty nice, it was something special. I wasn’t nervous; I just wanted to get back into the box.

DZ: Were you able to sleep with the injury, did you have to lie flat on your back?

REVERE: I had to lay on the other side of my face. When I first got hit, it was hard – I had a headache – it was throbbing so it was kind of hard for me to sleep. When I was back in New Britain they let me go home early just so I could get some rest. I didn’t get much sleep during the time…my face was pretty disgusting at the time.

DZ: Are there any players in Double A that we should keep an eye out for?

REVERE: You know, you never know – Joe Benson, Steve Singleton had a heck of a year – batted .280 with almost 50 doubles, Chris Parmelee – he’s a heck of a player, Evan Bigley and hopefully Chris Cates will get up here soon. So watch out for those guys, you never know what will happen.

DZ: One last thing, now that you’ve been here and are probably liking it, is your goal next year to try to make the team out of spring training?

REVERE: Definitely. This experience here has made me feel so comfortable, so hopefully I’ll go to spring training make a real good impression on them and hopefully they’ll bring me up here to be an every other day starter or kind of a bench guy and work my way through – hopefully I’ll get to be an everyday player.

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