Packer Fans Forget, Brett Favre is THEIR Boy


We’re just six games into the 2010 season, but Vikings QB Brett Favre has already endured a career’s worth of trials, tribulations and controversies. Some are predictable (a 41-year-old football player getting injured), others are amusing (the power struggle with Brad Childress) and one is just flat out creepy (do I really need to go there?).

Besides possibly Saturday Night Live, nobody has reveled more in Favre’s seeming demise than our not-so-lovable neighbors to the east. Yes, Packer fans are delighting in their former hero’s fall from grace. Their unfounded arrogance, over-the-top provincialism and omnipresent state of delusion however has allowed them to overlook one very important fact: they are destroying one of their own.

Favre may be on the Vikings roster now, but that is temporary. In the hearts and memories of football fans, he will always be a Packer. The greatest post Lombardi Packer, if not the greatest period. Favre will be enshrined in Canton as a Packer and 20 years from now, when his picture appears in print, on television or in cyberspace, there will be a green “G” somewhere nearby.

It’s hard to believe even with the copious amounts of beer and brandy Wisconsinites consume, that they could forget where they were when Favre arrived in Green Bay and where he took them just five years later. Many of my relatives are Packer fans and I am amazed at their abrupt revision of history. Suddenly the 3-time MVP was just a slightly above average signal caller who stumbled and bumbled along with a talented team to Super Bowl glory. It’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in Packer Nation!

Vikings fans realize how fortunate the Packers were to have a quarterback of Favre’s caliber all of those years. We were more than happy to borrow him for a couple of seasons in the twilight of his career in hopes he had enough magic left in his golden right arm to carry us where no QB ever had before. It doesn’t look like that will happen, but it has been a fun, interesting, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately unforgettable ride.

So, while Brett Favre may have tarnished his reputation by his actions as a New York Jet and will likely finish his career as a Minnesota Viking, he’ll go down in history as a Green Bay Packer. In the meantime, Packer fans are - illogically - intent on tearing him down.

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