Q&A with Vikings Strong Saftey Husain Abdullah


For Vikings defensive back Husain Abdullah, beating the odds and exceeding expectations has become routine. He made the team as an undrafted free agent in 2008 and quickly became a special teams standout. A devout Muslim, he then won the starting strong safety job in training camp last summer despite fasting most of August while observing Ramadan.

In Sunday’s 27-13 loss at Chicago, Abdullah’s first two career interceptions helped keep the Vikings in the game until the 4th quarter. The personable 25-year-old took some time to talk to me about his breakout season today at Winter Park.

DZ: This has been a big year for you professionally, can you talk about how it’s been so far?

ABDULLAH: From a team perspective, it’s not where we want to be, but individually it’s been pretty cool. It’s been a fun experience.

DZ: You guys have the Packers coming in here…what’s the rivalry like from your standpoint?

ABDULLAH: It’s a tough game, nobody takes each other lightly. We’re going to get their best shot and we’re going to give them our best shot regardless of records. It’s one of those games that you’ve got to be prepared for anything.

DZ: When you play a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, how do you approach it from a secondary perspective?

ABDULLAH: You just do your job and expect the unexpected. He’s capable of doing everything - scrambling, throwing on the run, sitting in the pocket. He understands their offense really well, he knows where all of the pieces fit, so you’ve just got to do your job.

DZ: A lot people were surprised when you won the starting (strong safety) job this year. Everybody was talking about Tyrell (Johnson) and Jamarca (Sanford). What is the No. 1 reason you think you won the job?

ABDULLAH: Just doing a lot of work - a lot of work in the offseason, a lot of work in training camp - just hard work and prayer. That’s what I think helped me out.

DZ: You mentioned prayer; your religion got you a lot of publicity during training camp (for fasting during Ramadan). How important is (religion) to you?

ABDULLAH: It’s first in anything I do, regardless of who I meet or who I come across I want them to know that they’ve met a Muslim person, so I keep that and I wear that and I try to live accordingly like a Muslim. That’s first and foremost.

DZ: Has that ever caused you any controversy or problems with anyone?

ABDULLAH: Um, no. If you run across people who have a certain view of Muslims, I tell them to ask me whatever they want to ask me and I will let you know. For the most part though, not really.

DZ: Even though you guys lost last week, you did get a couple of interceptions - the first two of your career. That had to be cool to get those out of the way.

ABDULLAH: Whenever you get the ball in your hands as a defender, it’s always exciting and it’s always fun, but it was kind of overshadowed by a tough, division loss that we really needed (to win).

DZ: Did you do anything with the balls, did you keep them?

ABDULLAH: Actually, they (the Vikings equipment staff) are going to put like “First Career Interception” on the ball, so hopefully I will get those back shortly.

DZ: Did you get a lot of calls from people back home?

ABDULLAH: Calls from home, text messages, everybody was excited, more excited than I was.

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