Nightmare Year Continues for Vikings

FavreDear Viking Fans: Just when you thought the nightmare 2010-11 season was over and you didn’t have to think about the NFL or Brett Favre or Jen Sterger, or a deflated Dome, or home games in Detroit, or Randy Moss, or Brad Childress or anything else that made this season a disaster, the Green Bay Packers are going to keep you thinking about it for at least another couple weeks, and maybe longer.

What could be worse? The Vikings flounder from the get-go back in September with the former Packer great (Favre) dragging the Purple down the drain with a forgettable season both on and off the field. The Vikings get swept by both the Packers and the Bears, and even manage to lose to the Lions once..and then the coup de grace.  The Packers and Bears play each other for the NFC Championship.

For Vikings fans, you might as well have announced that Les Steckel would be hired as the team’s next head coach. It simply doesn’t get any worse. Or so we thought. Until Mike Martz decided to run an end around on 3rd and three from the 28 yard line with the game on the line and the clock running in the final two minutes. That boneheaded call put Bears 3rd string QB Caleb Hanee into panic mode which ended a Bears comeback and the NFC Championship with an interception. So brace yourselves Viking faithful (no,  Brad Childress isn’t coming back). But get ready for two weeks of non-stop Packer-mania right here in Vikings territory.

Yes, not only do Vikings fans still have to live with the ill-fated interception that ended their Super Bowl hopes exactly one year ago against the Saints, now they have to live with their arch-rivals playing on Super Sunday. And as was already pointed out, we have to listen to it in our midst for the next two weeks.

I think I’m going to be sick. When do pitchers and catchers report?

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