LeBron draws the attention, Wade is the real MVP

Lebron vs WolvesHearing a smattering of boos throughout the night is nothing new for Lebron James these days…So his one and only trip to Target Center Friday was more or less a walk in the park compared to his venture to Cleveland earlier in the week. Of course in Cleveland he was harassed by fans every time he came near the basketball. The Heat eventually went on to lose to the lowly Cavs who are in a head to head battle with the Wolves for the NBA’s worst record.But as much attention as Lebron draws, watching the Heat Friday night makes one realize who the real star is on this fearsome threesome. Dwayne Wade. Actually, the scenario is perfect for Lebron who seems to struggle at crunch time with the basketball. Friday night Wade poured in 32 points by using a number of death defying shots as the Heat hammered the Wolves 111-92. The victory was aided by a 25-1 run to start the 3rd quarter…a quarter that started with the Wolves leading 52-51.For his part, James finished with 27 points and 10 assists, but not after he was bumped and bruised by the Wolves all night. Of course that bumping and bruising didn’t come without constant complaint by James to the officials. Martell Webster led the Wolves with 22 while Kevin Love chipped in 18 points in the loss…the Wolves 9th straight defeat.

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