Q&A with Wolves Forward Anthony Randolph

As the Timberwolves close out another lost season, players like Anthony Randolph offer a reason for diehard Wolves fans to tune in next year. Since he came to the team from New York on February 22 as the Wolves reward for helping facilitate the blockbuster Carmelo Anthony trade, Randolph has shown flashes of his rare athletic ability.

While he’s still raw and mistake prone, the 6-11 forward possesses uncommon speed and ball handling skills for a man his size. With Kevin Love out nursing a groin injury on March 24, Randolph poured in 31 points (on 14-20 shooting) and grabbed 11 rebounds in a loss at Dallas. He followed that with a 24 point, 15 rebound effort the following night in Oklahoma City. Then, inexplicably, Randolph was back on the bench. He’s logged just 17, 19, 14 and 9 minutes in the ensuing four games.

While the inconsistent minutes may not be ideal, it’s a vast improvement from his days with the Knicks. From December 3 through February 21, Randolph clocked a total of 28 minutes for New York. I caught up with the 21-year-old following Monday’s practice at Target Center to discuss his season and future.

DZ: You’ve been in Minnesota for a little over a month now, how’s it gone for you personally?

RANDOLPH: It’s going good. I am getting adjusted, trying to understand the offense the best that I can, trying to fit into this team.

DZ: Your minutes are kind of varying lately; are you comfortable with your role, understanding the system and everything?

RANDOLPH: I am just really trying to learn the system – that’s the main thing – with the minutes that I’ve got and get ready for next season. This season is kind of half over already.

DZ: How much different is this system than the New York and Golden State systems that you’ve played in?

RANDOLPH: It’s much different. There, you are so used to getting up and down, everything is so fast you don’t run a lot of sets. Here, we have a bunch of different sets and options that you can run off the plays.

DZ: You knew Anthony Tolliver from Golden State before you got here, did you know anyone else on the team?

RANDOLPH: Yeah, I knew Mike (Beasley), Jonny (Flynn) and K-Love coming up through AAU and everything else.

DZ: I read that in high school you played in a system where you played all five positions. That must have been fun.

RANDOLPH: Oh yeah, it was great to be able to have that type of freedom and be able to do pretty what you wanted on the court.

DZ: What was your favorite position to play?

RANDOLPH: Probably three and four.

DZ: You were traded over here in the big Carmelo Anthony deal. Where were you when you found out about the trade?

RANDOLPH: Umm…I don’t even remember, so I am not going to lie.

DZ: You heard the rumors while that whole thing was going on, were you kind of relieved to have it all over with and know where you were going?

RANDOLPH: I just wanted to play, that’s all. It didn’t matter where I was going or anything else like that.

DZ: How much can you learn when you are in a place like New York when you are not playing; is there anything you can take out of that?

RANDOLPH: I learned a lot. I watched what Amare Stoudemire did, just the little things he did to win as many games as he won.

DZ: You’ve got five games left in the season, what do you hope to accomplish?

RANDOLPH: Just to keep on playing and learn as much as I can pretty much.

DZ: How about the offseason; do you have anything planned?

RANDOLPH: Just working. Working and getting ready for next season.

DZ: Is there any part of your game that you think you need to focus on the most?

RANDOLPH: Everything: my post game, handling the ball better, everything else too.

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(Photo by Keith Allison via Wikipedia)

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