Lynx Welcome Maya Moore, Amber Harris

The Lynx introduced first round picks Maya Moore and Amber Harris on Monday at Target Center, here are some highlights…


Maya Moore
Opening statement:
“Thinking back to when I was a little girl watching the first WNBA Draft until now and just seeing how excited people have gotten and fallen in love with the game. Hopefully we can continue to grow. Amber and I are really excited to get on the court and make it happen. I am just really anxious to get out on the court and start playing and working for you guys.”

On the attention and keeping perspective:
“It has gotten to me as far as not getting any sleep. It has been an overwhelming week. The draft (created) a lot of attention and eyes on me, cameras and questions. I think at the University of Connecticut we have a great opportunity to practice and get ready for draft day and to represent our schools and ourselves, so it wasn’t too bad getting all the attention. I just try to recognize the people that helped me along the way – my mom and Coach Auriemma; I wanted them at my table and make sure that they knew how much they meant to me and mean to me. I got a chance to talk about the things that we had to go through growing up – AAU, high school, the work outs – just all of the people and all of things that built up to draft day. It was fun though.”

On making the Lynx a contender:
“It’s going to be difficult; it’s going to be a new challenge. As far as playing on the court, I’ve never come into a situation, a fresh new team – not choosing my team for the first time in my life – so it’s like a new experience. I don’t know some of the players, how the chemistry works. I think that’s a big part of the success I was able to have at Connecticut, just having really good chemistry and so that’s probably what I am looking forward to the most….it’s going to be a challenge, but I am used to being challenged by my former head coach.”


Amber Harris
Opening statement:
“I am really excited. I’ve never really been to Minnesota before; it’s really beautiful so far. I am really excited to play with Maya, she’s done great things and I am really excited to be a ‘Lynk’.”

On her approach:
“I am just going to come in and try to play hard. I know they wanted me and I am excited they wanted me so I am really just going to try to come out with a lot of energy and be very competitive because I am a very competitive person.”

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